Today marks one month of our incredible journey here in Paraguay! 

One of the big questions our team is always considering is ‘how can we ensure a lasting impact?’ Our projects consider very purposefully how we will provide follow-up support after our trainings.  We understand the ‘real’ questions will arise after our trainees return to their classrooms or therapy sessions.  Follow-up support, consultation and case studies are an important component to ensuring our trainings have a lasting impact.

For me, one of the most inspiring parts of the Paraguay Inclusion Project has been the team of women from Iglesia Florida (our first international group: “Miracle 139 Florida”!) As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Lord had been preparing their hearts long before our arrival.  They are a committed group of women who desire to make a lasting impact in the lives of children with special needs and their families in their city.  Through our weekly meetings, they have now begun plans to host a one-day special education conference here in San Lorenzo, Paraguay!  I can only imagine what God will do through this group of women, even after we have returned to the States. THAT is lasting impact… THAT is what is important... THAT is the mighty hand of God moving as He continues to demonstrate His love for us and the children that we serve. 



08/08/2016 10:50pm

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10/23/2016 3:28am

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    linda martin

    I'm so thankful to be on this journey.. to be used by God to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs... in my city, in my country and in the world. Thank you for coming along for the ride.. and hopefully jumping on board!


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