It really is amazing how quickly the Paraguay Inclusion Project is progressing here!! I have pages of notes I'm talking on all of the amazing connections that are happening every day. (I hope we get the opportunity to share them with you personally when we return!) In the meantime, here are just a few of the miraculous things God is doing here!
  • So far, adapting to life here has been SO much easier (for both of us!!... that's certainly a miracle!!) We have an amazing 'host' family who has seriously spoiled us our first week here with help getting our phones set up (yep, we both have Paraguayan phone numbers now!), searching for a place to live, home cooked meals, a comfy bed, wisdom on the Project and TONS of Spanish help!  We are certainly thankful for Paraguayan hospitality!
  • Our home church here, Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Florida, prayed for us and the project at the church on Sunday. Afterward, seven women, all interested in special ed related careers, approached me about helping with the project! Whaattt?!? God has been assembling a team here in Paraguay long before I arrived... What an honor and a privilege it will be to mentor an encourage these women as they become part of the solution. #SUPERblessed
  • Our first meeting bright and early on Monday morning opened doors to speak at a meeting of the area school directors (equivalent to a meeting with all of the area principals). These meetings only happen a few times per year, and the next meeting just happened to be the next morning!! It was only because of our connection to the director at Heaven's Kingdom Christian School that we were invited to share the vision for the project at this meeting... which led to invitations from 6 school to come interview the staff, observe the students with special needs and take some photos/video of 'life in the schools' here. Prior to coming, I anticipated being able to observe in 6-8 different schools during our time here. We will likely surpass that number in only our second week here!
  • God's love for these children and families is so evident by the way He continues to orchestrate connections and forward movement here (things that are not typical here in Paraguay). We feel and acknowledge His favor daily! 
  • Thank YOU for your love, support, prayers, emails, What'sApp messages, etc. YOU are a critical part of our team! 


03/06/2016 8:13am

"Let's do this". What a very powerful passage. It emphasizes the importance of working together with unity, with one goal. It means that all members are dedicated and willing to do and exert effort and determination for a job to be accomplish. This is also very applicable in leadership.

09/01/2016 10:34pm

I like to help you, support you and be the part of your great team! I wish all the best for you!


I'd like to help you so much! How can I do that? Please, tell me what you need!

04/06/2017 1:07am

I'd like to write you one thing in What's App! How can I do that?


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    linda martin

    I'm so thankful to be on this journey.. to be used by God to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs... in my city, in my country and in the world. Thank you for coming along for the ride.. and hopefully jumping on board!


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